UGREEN’s USB-C Devices: Premium Quality For Premium Users

UGREEN’s USB-C Devices: Premium Quality For Premium Users

UGREEN achieves the ideal blend of value and innovation. They've been dedicated to manufacturing consumer electronic gadgets and accessories with leading technology advancements and making them accessible for our everyday needs since its establishment in 2012.

This article seeks to inform readers about the variety of USB-c Cables, each with its distinct yet appealing architecture.

UGREEN USB-C gives premium quality

Taking it a step further, UGREEN's charging and data transfer products are just incredible. Users no longer have to wait for synchronization or data transfer. Larger data, such as movies and full seasons, can be transferred in a matter of seconds thanks to their USB- C cables.

Their cables are designed exclusively to accommodate all USB-C devices securely. The producers spent a significant amount of time executing trials and evaluating them.

Best in terms of looks and feel

The overall design is highly user-friendly, which reflects much about its overall functionality. It comes with a distinctive reversible layout, so you don't have to worry over sorting out which side is up anymore. All you have to do now is plug it in either position and get started. This cable is so well-thought-out in every way that there's no wonder why it's ranked among the best.

UGREEN’s USB-C products

UGREEN provides a wide range of USB-C cables. We'll take a glance at a few of them in this article.

2-Pack Right-angle USB-C charging cable

The UGREEN USB-C cable features a revolutionary 90-degree L design which eliminates fatigue on the cable and Model- C smartphones, making them ideal for those with limited space. They're designed for your convenience while as you dig into a video game, enjoy videos or read some text on your phone. Let the phone charge and use it simultaneously.

USB A to C supercharge cable

UGREEN USB A to C turbocharge cables are engineered with silicone technology, providing them flexible elasticity. These cables are made to resist tangles, coils, and functional impairment, providing you the advantage to use them unconditionally. Just one USB-C cable is enough to allow you to transfer data at incredible speeds, connect additional devices, and power mobile devices.

USB C extension cable

The UGREEN USB C extension cable is more durable than those existing cables in the industry. The defensive nylon braided material used in the USB C extension is the same as that used in climbing ropes, making the cable more flexible and wear-resistant.

Furthermore, the improved connector features many layers of shielding to reduce interference and is corrosion-resistant, extending the cable's life span.


UGREEN's USB-C cables are reinforced with fiberglass, allowing them to survive up to six times longer than the bulk of other options. In a nutshell, the coupling of a double-layered nylon outer skin and a fireproof inner core ensures long-term durability with optimum performance and reliability.


UGREEN is dedicated to providing maximum value to its clients through a variety of online and offline channels, all of which are backed by high-quality products and exceptional service. They unveiled a series of USB- C charging and connecting cords, which are among the best innovations ever.