Which eSIM provides The Best Internet Access in China While Visiting?

Which eSIM provides The Best Internet Access in China While Visiting?

The best destination to travel to is China. If you want to visit China, you must have an eSIM mobile to maintain your internet. Bytesim provides the most amazing eSIM card in China, allowing you to immediately access the internet without paying exorbitant roaming fees. Or putting your data at risk on public Wi-Fi networks.

An electronic SIM, or eSIM, is sometimes known as an embedded SIM. It enables you to activate a mobile service plan from a carrier without the use of a physical SIM card. Rewriting the profile on an eSIM allows you to simply add or delete mobile service plans. Connecting a device with an eSIM to a mobile operator network just takes a few minutes.

According to China Mobile, the eSIM service for Apple Watches will soon be available, enabling users to browse the internet and make calls without their phones nearby. The last of the three Chinese carriers to roll out the feature was China Mobile. In test cities last year, Bytesim and China Telecom introduced china mobile esim services.

Best eSIM Internet Access in China

When we compare different eSIM brands, we must take into account every factor. It will establish whether the card complies with the requirements of our journey. We must compare several eSIM brands while considering all the features that will determine whether the card is appropriate for our journey.

Holafly, A Chinese Mobile eSIM

One of the finest places to get eSIM cards is Holafly because all of their plans provide unlimited data for people who wish to travel without being concerned about running out of internet. The brand is currently the business with the best customer rating on Trust pilot. Through a score of 4.6 and provides 24-7 customer service that responds in less than a minute through chat or WhatsApp in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, and Japanese.

Airalo,Chinese eSim Brand

Although Airalo is among the most affordable brands available, the fact is that it might end up costing a lot over time. Their data plans have extremely restricted megabytes that can run out at any time, and their technical support is slow to reply. The cost of Airalo's eSIM card data plans for China ranges from $5 to $28 for 7, 15, and 30 days.

Using Trephine’s App

Five plans for China: length of three. You can test out their product for a day by using the 100MB plan for free. This company's data plans feature relatively limited gigabytes (up to 10GB), which can cause you to lose internet access in the middle of your journey.

SimOptions' Online Market

Local cell operators in each nation offer their eSIM cards on SimOptions, an online marketplace for eSIM cards. Sim Options' primary flaws are that its website is a little disorganized and that the data plans are from various companies. With data limitations of 4GB, 4GB, and 8GB for durations of 8, 10, 15, and 30 days, there are five data plans available for China.

Maya Mobile eSim

The cost of the data packages in this instance changes according to the gigabytes. They have four bundles totaling 1, 3, 5, and 10 gigabytes. The Asia-Pacific plan provides China with unlimited gigabytes as well. But its unlimited bandwidth is relative since the top surfing speed is just 5 Mbps and reduces to 1 Mbps once 30GB have been consumed from the plan.


Although the installation of eSIM cards is always quick and easy, some businesses make it even simpler. The website Bytesim has this information available for inspection. For some manufacturers, like Holafly or SimOptions, the purchase of the eSIM for China can be made online. For Bytesim, purchases can be made using an app and website. The simplest part is that scanning a QR code can also be used to complete the installation.